Name of the project: Women in network for innovation and entrepreneurship Project acronym: WIN WIN Financed: EU Program:  IPA Program for Cross-border cooperation “Greece - fYROM 2007 - 2013” Priority axes: 1. Enhancement of cross-border economic development Measure: 1.1. Economic development Implementation period: 2012 - 2013 The objectives of the project are:
  • To map the situation of women of the cross border area and make the problems and obstacles, they face in both daily and professional life, visible. To investigate the factors that restrict the women to have a sufficient (or in many cases) any professional/entrepreneurial career
  • To survey the business opportunities of the region and have a clear image of the local products, customs and tradition that women could use as business/job background
  • Promote the women’s employment and entrepreneurship at local/regional level by detect all the above problems and challenges both in society and in decision-making centers
  • Create a supportive background to promote and to enhance employment and entrepreneurship among women: raising of involved organizations, training of counselors, trainers, mentors, production of supportive tools (advice, training and mentoring), structures and network development (in a broader sense)
  • Promote women entrepreneurship by appreciating the value of their work and increasing their job opportunities through the creation and promotion of SMEs and cooperatives
  • Transfer the model of Women Resource Centers to the area by creating/developing 6 small and flexible units (permanent or mobile) to act as a multilevel key for the benefit of the women of the area. WRC is recognized in Nordic countries as key actors that support the participation of women in regional development and increase women’s influence and participation in the labor market and the society as a whole
  • Provide holistic, integrated and complementary services to develop the skills of women
  • Support the startup of small business initiatives of women and the development of the existing businesses and cooperatives
  • Upgrade the equality policies of the cross-border region
  • Improve the socio-economic status of women in the areas of intervention, through best practices promotion and networking
Project partners: Ergani Centre from Thessalonica, Greece - Overall Lead Partner Municipality of Resen - Lead Partner from fYROM; Region of Western Macedonia. Association of Craft Artists (ZUR) “Macedonian handicrafts_ - Bitola; Association for Development of Alternative Tourism LJUBOJNO, v. Ljubojno