Presentation of traditional food

  • Prespa apple picking day is one of the most important cultural events in Resen, organized by the Municipality of Resen. Among the others organizations, the NGO ZRAT Ljubojno is one of the regular partner organizations actively involved in the realization of this event. Each year the ZRAT members attract the attention of the visitors with the prepared and served traditional food. Richness of tastes of the numerous products prepared on traditional recipes remained engraved in the memories of everyone that tested them.
  • The members of ZRAT Ljubojno participated on the event titled “The tastes of Macedonia, organized in Skopje, in cooperation with the “Group for development of the apple subsector”. They prepared and presented various products made of apples. The tasteful food and decoration of each product attracted the attention of the numerous visitors, which did not save their compliments.
  • In the last 10-15 years ZRAT Ljubojno, gradually contributed to the organization of the annual “Ilinden emigration celebrations” in Ljubojno, enriching the events with the presentation of traditional local cuisine.
  • In addition to the celebration of the 60th years of the opening of the first school in Macedonian language named “Dimitar Vlahov” in the village of Ljubojno, in 2004, the members of ZRAT Ljubojno organized the cocktail.